Systematic Control: Pony Boy Runs the Course

By Slave Joseph

My ordeal begins in the Ming Room. Naked, blindfolded, gagged, and shacked. I await my mistress. The click click click of six-inch high heels alerts me to her arrival. She whispers in my ear that she will remove the blinfold. But I'm wared, under threat of severe penalty, that I am not to open my eyes until she instructs me to do so.

Upon her command, I open my eyes and gaze upon her sitting on the throne on which she rightfully belongs. She wears a rubber gown with opera-length rubber gloves. Her makeup is impeccable. One of her high heels dangles from a foot.

She tells me I am to be her plaything, that I am to be used by her as her ashtray, boot rack, pony, toilet, medical subject, slut, and cow. She explains that failure or poor performance is not an option. She then beckons me to her throne for my first function. She lights a cigarette and uses my mouth for an ashtray. When she is finished, she places the used butt into my mouth and replaces my gag. She then produces a pair of thigh high boots and tells me that she will be wearing them in the next part of my ordeal, but that she needs to leave to change and therefore requires a boot rack on which to hang them. She stands me up and places me in bondage. When she's done she uses a device to drape each boot from one of my nipples, and leaves to change.

Mistress Sayako returns in her riding outfit, which she completes with the boots she left on the "rack. " She then prepares me as her pony. She has devised an interesting challenge for me. She sets out a course around the room. She will time me moving through the course. Instead of reins attached to my head or mouth, she affixes reins to my nipples to control me. She explains the system by which she shall control me-one shocking tug to stop, two to turn right, three to turn left, four to stop. My time throughout the course will determine my reward. She shows me three receptacles for her urine-small, med, and large. If I complete the course within the times she specifies, that amount of time will determine the volume of urine I must drink. If I achieve some truly pathetic time, she will require that I serve as a toilet for more than her urine. When this phase of my ordeal is complete, I'm removed to the medical room.

Mistress Sayako returns dressed in her medical outfit and prepares me for the following: catheterization, enema, and temporary nipple piercing. When the medical phase is complete, I'm to be removed to another room where she will transform me into a slut for her use.