Tart You Up! Slut Maid's Ass Service

By Slave John

"I'm going down to the hotel's health club to work out," said Mistress. "Here is a garter belt and stockings for you to dress in. When I come back, you are going to be my maid and help me prepare to go out for dinner."

"Yes, Mistress," I said. I knew that it would be wonderful to serve her as a maid.

I stood for an hour in the parlor of the suite, waiting for Mistress, wearing nothing but a Victoria's Secret white garter belt and white stockings.

I heard a knock on the door, and opened it. Mistress walked into the suite in her sweat-soaked workout suit. I could see sweat stains under her arms, and her hair was wet with beads of water dripping down her face.

"That was a great work out!" said Mistress. "I see you are dressed to be my maid. That is very good, though we are going to have to tart you up with makeup to be more of a little slut maid to serve me. But first I need a drink." She glanced at my dick and said, "Oh, I see our little clitty is hard and wet." She reached down and wiped some pre-cum off my dick/clit, and then lifted her hand to my mouth. "Eat it," she commanded.

I went to the bar in the suite and poured a glass of Mistress's favorite drink, Canadian Riesling Ice Wine. Mistress had taken a seat on the couch and I walked over to her, kneeled, and presented her with the drink. She took a sip and leaned her head back to relax and enjoy the wine.

"I also noticed that your ass is not pink," said Mistress. "You know that I believe all my little slutty slaves should have nice pink asses. So get up here, across my knee, so I can give you a good spanking."

I immediately stood up and walked over to the Mistress's side. I wanted a good over-the-knee spanking from my Mistress. It allowed her to give me pain, and for me to be near her. I bent over her knee and raised my ass.

"How many should I give you, slut?" asked Mistress.

She didn't wait for my reply.


"Oh, I just had a birthday. For my own present, I will spank you once for each of my years."


"Two. Thank you, Mistress," I said.


"Twenty-nine. Thank you, Mistress," I said.

"Just a few more, slave, and that will finish your punishment," said Mistress. "However, you must endure this paddle on your ass for my final spanking. You may even learn my age - but I doubt it." She paused and then put the paddle in front of my face. "Now, you must kiss your instrument of torture."

I kissed it and thanked her.

Without hesitation, Mistress took the paddle from my lips and whacked me on the ass. "Thank you, Mistress," I gasped. WHACK... "Thank you"... WHACK... "Thank".. WHACK... "Th... " WHACK.

On the final paddle, I caught my breath and said, "Thank you, Mistress, that was a wonderful paddling."

"Get the fuck off of me," commanded Mistress. "I don't give a shit if you enjoyed it or not. That was for my pleasure. I think all you worthless slaves need to have your asses turned pink. Now, go get me a bathrobe. I need to take off these smelly clothes and change into something comfortable."

I hurried off to the closet and retrieved a luxurious hotel terrycloth robe for Mistress. When I returned to the parlor, Mistress had taken off her sneakers, pants, and top. She stood wearing only a pair of panties and a bra. My clit took notice and became hard.

"You will help your Mistress undress and get comfortable," she said. She lifted one of her sneakers off of the ground and held it to my face. I sniffed it, and the smell of my Mistress's sweaty sneaker was wonderful. She then took it away from my face, and hung it on my cock. "That better not fall off of your clit, or you will pay a price"

I stared at it, awaiting her orders.

"Put your face close to my ass and suck in the smell, but do not touch it."

I got very close to her ass, longing to kiss it, but knowing that I could not. All of a sudden, I could feel a passage of air from her ass; Mistress had farted in my face. I breathed more deeply to inhale her essence. I kept inhaling until Mistress turned around and said, "Stand up and put the robe on me."

I put the robe on her, and she went over to one of her small suitcases, which contained makeup and some toys. She took out shackles and buckled them to a chair in the room. Then she placed a vibrating butt plug on the chair. She put some lubricant on my asshole and then ordered me to sit on the chair while making sure the butt plug went into my ass. After I acknowledged the plug was in me, Mistress used the shackles to tie me to the chair.

"We need to put some makeup on you, so that you can be a pretty little slut maid," said Mistress as she took out some foundation and proceeded to pat down my face. Then she turned on the vibrator and said, "This is just the beginning, to prepare you before dinner. This tiny little butt plug is nothing compared to the cock that I'm going to fuck your ass with after dinner oh, I almost forgot one detail!" Mistress held up some nipple clamps and hung them on me. She proceeded to put more eye shadow and lipstick on me. She turned off the butt plug and held up a mirror to me and said, "Aren't you the pretty slut maid!"

I couldn't have agreed more. She turned off the vibrator as I admired my transformation. I really did look like a slutty maid, ready to serve her. All of a sudden I felt a shock of pain as Mistress pulled on the nipple clamps, then removed them. She also took the restraints off and told me to get up. I followed her into the bedroom.

Mistress took off her robe and lay face down on the bed. She commanded me to massage her back, ass, and legs. I broke into a sweat as I applied the pressure to her legs to remove her soreness. Mistress next rolled over and had me massage the front of her body. I was so pleased as Mistress began to say, "Oh, God, Oh God" Her hips began to convulse. She then said, "You need to draw me a bath, now, my slave-maid."

I went to the bathroom and filled the marble tub with the warm/hot water that Mistress prefers. She came in from the bedroom, felt the water, found it satisfactory, and then got in. I knelt beside the bathtub ready to serve her. However, Mistress brought out a surprise and put nipple clamps on me. They really did hurt after the sensitizing the last pair gave me. I proceeded to wash Mistress and rubbed soap all over her. When she was done, Mistress got out of the bathtub and let me dry her. She then ordered me into the bedroom

On the bed was a pair of red stockings and a garter belt. She said, "I want you to dress me in that garter belt and stockings. Then I am going to get on the bed and you will come for me in the way that I decide."

I reached for the garter, got on my knees, and wrapped it around Mistress. As usual, I was facing her ass and I was very excited. She then sat on the bed and had me slide the stockings up her legs. Mistress moved up the bed and sat on the headboard wearing just the garter belt and stockings.

"This is the end of the preparation for dinner," said Mistress. "There are just a couple more things. You and I discussed something very different to happen after dinner, something that I am apprehensive to engage in but I will. The other thing is that I want you to stand at the end of the bed and look at me and stroke your cock. You are to come by looking at me, and then you must eat it."

"Yes, Mistress," I said as I grabbed a small plate from the wet bar. I put it on the edge of the bed and then looked at my Mistress. She was stunningly beautiful, dressed in the garter and stockings. I stroked myself knowing that I would come, and that I would share a special, though very different evening, with Mistress after dinner.