The Package Sent by Mistress Sayako

by Richard Cumeater

It had been almost a week now since I was told to expect a special package. It has also been almost a week since I've had a good night's sleep or a decent meal for that matter. All I thought think of was the package and the contents held within. If the package didn't come today, I would surely go mad. As I entered the elevator I went through Mistress's instructions over and over in my head. The elevator door open abruptly and put an end to my mental deliberations. I slowly approached the bank of elevators to my left until I came face to face with the one marked 22 J.

My fingers trembled as I tried to fit the key into my mailbox. I had been waiting over two weeks for this package to arrive and my hands took the wrong time to betray me. My heart was racing, when at last the door opened. Of course I knew what was inside the sealed box but that only heightened my anticipation. I pretended to walk calmly out of the post office clutching the package and it's precious contents tightly under my arm. Once outside my eyes searched frantically for a cab and though it only took a few moments it seemed like an eternity. Marriott Hotel, I shouted to the driver and "please hurry." The driver peered at me through his rear view mirror and he appeared nervous watching me clutching my package as though its contents have been explosives. Sensing his suspicion I tried to regain my composure and remarked with a smile," lovely weather today isn't it". It was a slow go on the road there was just too much fucking traffic with the all the Goddamn Republicans in town for their convention. At long last we reached my destination and I made a beeline for the check-in desk.

It took me less than 5 minutes to check in, get my key and into my room. The time it took for me to shed my clothes was just as quick. My body glistened with sweat and my heart pounded in my chest as I ran the nylon cord loop around my dangling cock and testicles.

I pulled the knot tight and just knelt there for several minutes. It was if it was a moment frozen in time and all the while my eyes transfixed upon the plastic shit filled bag. Slowly I began to open the bag. The aroma was intoxicating and my nostrils flared open sucking in every hint of foul air. Now per Mistress's instructions I poured out the contents into the palm of my hand. The shit was dark brown in color and had the consistency of a dense chocolate mouse. Standing up straight and in front of a mirror, I began to smear Mistress's shit slowly and evenly across my face. Though Mistress's were not present but still fearing Mistress's wrath I carefully covered every inch. The stench was overpowering now as I began stuffing my nasal passages with the last remaining portions. My cock, rock hard now and straining against its bonds began to drip down my leg the front of my leg. "What a bizarre sight I must have made!" I thought staring at my shit covered face in the mirror. A Mistress Sayako Facial I mused for a moment.

By now, my hand still smeared with Mistress's shit began slowly stroking my cock. It had become quite engorged by now and begged for a release. Faster and faster my hand moved breathing in the smell of Mistress's shit with every stroke. Within minutes my cock exploded, shooting wads of cum in every direction. I kept stroking in a delirious frenzy until each and every drop was squeezed out of my swollen and sore cock. As I tried to open my fingers strings of cum stretched lazily between them and once as I remembered Mistress's instructions and greedily sucked my cum and shit covered fingers alternating from one hand to another. I licked each finger spotless and did not stop until not a trace of shit or cum remained. I collapsed in a heap on the floor, my face still completely covered in Mistress's shit and my shriveled cock a testimony to Mistress's power. As I lie completely spent, I can do nothing but listen to Mistress's satanic laughter as it echoed in my brain!