Raping a Little Slut Called Carla

By Slave Carla

I took the entire evening before our session to prepare. After work I stopped by a very open-minded salon I know, and spent the next couple hours having my entire body waxed. As Mistress Sayako can attest, I'm a pain junkie, so this was a walk in the park for me. Leaving the salon, my clothes felt strange against my now hairless flesh. Everything felt smooth, cool, and electric to the touch, and I relished my little secret as I passed people on the street.

I swung by one of those tacky little shops on St. Mark's and bought a saucy platinum blonde bobbed wig. I shamefully averted looking the clerk in the eye or speaking to him.

At home I sipped wine, trying to relax and not count the hours until my session. I carefully applied nail polish so I wouldn't have to worry about it in the morning...I knew my hands would be trembling in anticipation as I neared the appointed hour.

I'd ordered my outfit weeks before, from Victoria's Secret. (What is Victoria's secret? It must be that so many cross dresser's can take advantage of home delivery!) They had everything a girl could need-garter-less silk stockings, a satin pink bra and panty set, leather miniskirt, and white cashmere sweater. And the best part, strappy black heels...I was sure to pick out a pair that, if I saw a woman wearing them on the subway or on the street, would magnetize my attention (how many times have I been busted on my commute for ogling such shoes?!) I tried everything on and admired myself in the mirror. So many delectable textures for my now smooth flesh! I felt so sexy, it was difficult to undress and force myself to sleep.

That afternoon I dressed in street clothes, but slipped on gloves to hide my pretty little pink nails. I grabbed the bag filled with my new wardrobe, and stepped outside to hail a taxi.

The ride over was excruciating! I've sessioned with Sayako numerous times, and she is without fail full of surprises. I couldn't imagine what was in store for me, as I'd merely written that I wanted to dress up and be her slut. I closed my eyes and sunk back into the seat, my mind reeling with images of what might happen in less than an hour.

I was ushered into the room and left alone. I quickly put on my outfit, and my cock leapt to attention as soon as the stockings caressed my legs. Sliding into the skirt was hard...my excited cock just would not cooperate! Finally dressed, I knelt to wait. I squeezed my legs shut tight around my cock, not wanting to spoil the sleek lines of the leather skirt.

And then she entered. That soul shattering beauty entered, and gazed down at me. She seemed to slowly survey every inch of me. Finally, a cryptic half smile crossing her lips, she spoke: "Very nice. Very nice indeed. You look lovely today, Carla."

Ah, she was going to treat me as my alter-ego, not even acknowledge the existence of the man hidden in these soft, delicate clothes. I was flattered and thankful for that little detail.

She offered her hand, and I kissed it out of respect and deference, holding it as long as I dared. I looked up and down the length of that stunning, lean-yet-feminine form, soaking in every detail I could. She too, wore a little leather skirt, a matching bustier, and catty high heels. Yummy! I couldn't resist a little purr of approval escaping my throat. I also felt admiration and a bit of jealousy-if only I could look half that good.

She withdrew her hand and went to fetch some items from her suitcase. Returning, she handed me a make up kit and had me hold it while she went to work. Deftly she applied the paint-foundation, of course, then subtle blush and eye shadow. She chose a dainty pink for my lips, to go with my nails. Such an eye for detail! This is why I go back to Sayako every time; she really throws herself into the sessions, and always adds those personal touches.

She turned me to face a mirror. OK, so I'm not a beauty queen, but I really did look damn hot. I was now a demure little slut, ready to serve Mistress Sayako.

She paced around me, circling me over and over again, letting her fingernails trail across my neck or back. She complimented me on my outfit and told me to show it off for her. She instructed me at every step.

"On all fours! That's right. Now, stick your ass out more. More! Good girl! Arch your back. Yes, yes, that's the way. Close your eyelids a bit...think sultry. Mmm--hmm, exactly. Now, purse your lips. Good girl. Lick them. Show me out hot you are! Show me what a horny little slut you are!"

And on and on like this. Damn, was I ever aroused!

She sat on the other side of the room, and I was commanded to crawl across the floor, slowly, suggestively. I made sure to jut my ass into the air as I crawled to her. Finally, I knelt before her.

"Oh, you've really made Sayako hot, baby! That sexy body of yours really turns me on. Do you want me too?"

I blurted out an impassioned yes!

"Good girl, come closer, put your face down here and get your mistress off."

She slowly raised the little skirt, and out popped the most evil-looking strap on imaginable. Thick, long, and utterly black. 10 inches, perhaps? Completely life-like. How in the world did she manage to hide it the whole time?

"Suck it bitch! Suck my enormous cock, and you'd better do a decent job, you little tramp!"

She didn't wait for a reply. She roughly grabbed my head, forced my mouth down as far as it would go. The shaft was soon glistening with my saliva, stained pink with my lipstick. She spread her legs wider and sunk further back into her chair.

She whispered-no, hissed-her approval. "Yessss, that's it, my little fuck toy. Suck my cock. Show me what a cheap little cock-worshipping slut you are. Deeper! Faster!"

My skirt bunched up around my hips, and my little clit sprung free from my panties as I went down on her. I really felt like a cheap tramp, and I loved every second of it.

She continued her verbal abuse: "Go ahead, you cheap little whore. Show me how filthy you can be. Worship my cock. If you're lucky I'll spray your throat with my come! You'd love to drink it down, wouldn't you? Swallow every drop?"

I was literally gagging on that tool, so of course I could only manage a muffled "mmm-hmm!"

Abruptly she pushed me away, shoved me to the ground.

"I want that tiny little asshole of yours. You ready for me?"

I answered by tossing off my skirt, thrusting my ass into the air. I rested my cheek on the cool floor and spread my ass with my hands. Yes, I was ready for her.

She slapped on latex gloves, and smeared lubricant onto the dildo and at my entrance. Rudely, one gloved finger entered, filling me with K-Y.

She positioned herself, and I squirmed in anticipation.

"Beg for it! You must work for the privilege of this cock. Let me hear you beg!"

I pleaded over and over, "please Mistress Sayako, give it to me. Shove it inside! I want to feel you in me! Please, fuck me like a little whore, treat me like a little fuck toy. Impale me with your beautiful cock."

"Are you my little slut? Hmm, Carla, are you my nasty little whore?"

"Oh yes, Mistress, yes. Carla is your cheap little tramp. Please, Mistress, fuck me like a whore!"

And with that she forced her way in. There are no two ways about it: She raped my asshole that day. There's no way to prepare for the feeling. I was filled with sharp pain as she wrecked my asshole. She was merciless, unrelenting. Yet, my cock came even more fully to life as she did her dirty work.

She held my hips firmly as she started, but then once the pace was set, she drew her fingers along my stockings. As her thrusts became more violent, she dug her nails into my thighs, ripping the delicate silk stockings, scratching my skin.

"Touch yourself, Carla. Stroke you clit while I fuck you with this cock. I want you to come with me inside of you!"

It didn't take long for me to splatter a load on the floor. As soon as she noticed, she dragged me backwards, positioning my face over the mess. She withdrew the dildo, stood, and walked in front of me. She placed a heel on the back of my head, guided me down, and commanded me to lick up the mess from the floor. When I was done, not a trace was left.

"Oh Carla, you really are a cheap little slut, aren't you? Call me when you're ready for another round of abuse...I'm sure I'll see you soon, you insatiable little nympho!"

She stormed out of the room without niceties or another word.